House of Rougeaux

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Welcome to the website dedicated to the debut novel from award-winning author Jenny Jaeckel, House of Rougeaux. Jaeckel masterfully blends a coming-of-age story, folklore, and historical fiction with explorations of gender, race, and sexuality creating a wondrous tale of hope and healing.This forthcoming family epic is scheduled for publication on April 24th, 2018. See the House of Rougeaux blog for all the latest News, like early praise, reviews and appearances in the media.  And if you’re looking for the press kit, publicist information, and pictures, see our Media page. Author bio and book description are below.

House of Rougeaux by Jenny Jaeckel

ISBN 978-1-941203-24-8, Hardcover, 6×9″, 306 pages, $26.95

ebook 978-1-941203-26-2, $8.99

Audio Book 978-1-941203-27-9, $22.95

Historical Literary Fiction

Publisher: Raincloud Press

Distributor: IPG

Publicist: tba

Retail Preorder: Online

House of Rougeaux Description:

For Abeje and her brother Adunbi, home is the slave quarters of a Caribbean sugar plantation on the Antilles Island of Martinique. Under the watchful eye of their African mother, the children thrive despite what threatens to break them. After a night of brutality changes their lives forever, it is their strength and extraordinary bond that carries them through.

At the dawn of emancipation, Adunbi’s daughter Hetty finds her way to Quebec City as maid to the slave owner’s daughters. There she discovers a talent for piano and meets a bold saddler’s apprentice named Dax Rougeaux. After buying her freedom, Dax and Hetty join a growing community of Afro-Canadians living free.

In moving prose, author Jenny Jaeckel creates a brilliantly imagined epic, weaving a multi-layered narrative that celebrates the Rougeaux family truimphs while exposing the injustices of their trials. As each new member of the family takes the spotlight, a fresh piece of the puzzle is illuminated until at last, after a span of nearly two centuries, the end brings us back to the beginning.

In her debut novel, award-winning author Jenny Jaeckel masterfully blends coming-of-age, folklore, and historical fiction with explorations of gender, race, and sexuality, creating a wondrous tale of hope and healing. A relevant work of love, determination, and the many small achievements that make up greatness, House of Rougeaux draws a new map of what it means to be family.

Author Bio:

Jenny Jaeckel holds a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington and a Master of Arts in Hispanic Literatures from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Jaeckel grew up in Northern California. Currently, she lives in Victoria, British Columbia with her husband and child.

In 2016, Jaeckel’s graphic memoir  Spot 12: Five Months in the Neonatal ICU published, and it won the 2017 Next Generation Indie Book Awards in the Parenting category. Spot 12 was also a 2016 finalist in the Foreword Indies Book Awards. Her previous titles include For the Love of Meat: Nine Illustrated Stories and iberiak: My Cold War Adventure on the River Ob.. House of Rougeaux is Jaeckel’s debut novel.